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Readers Question: Russell Westbrook’s Urban Outfitters Lazy Oaf Pattern Sleeve Sweatshirt

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,NBA Style,Russell Westbrook on May 16th 2013

I love to hear from my Readers ! Dashawn wrote,

“I love the site. I was wondering if you could look into a outfit Russell Westbrook posted on his Instagram. I’m  mostly interested in the sweatshirt he is wearing with the strips on the sleeves with different designs. I can’t seem to find it anywhere”



Dashawn, thanks for the love man. I’m glad you brought this sweater to my attention, because I actually wanted it for myself too. I love the vibrant raglan pattern sleeves, with a contrasting solid body. After doing some research, I found that Russell was wearing a $54 Lazy Oaf Patten sleeve sweatshirt, that is currently stock at Urban Outfitters. That’s a great price for this fashionable sweatshirt in my opinion.


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