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Cristiano Ronaldo Announces Partnership With Crunch Franchise

Cristiano x Crunch

Written by Will Kay in Athletes Fashion,Soccer Players Style on Jan 9th 2017

Known by many as one of the greatest soccer players of all-time and the best Portuguese player of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo has just announced a new sponsorship with large US-based fitness chain Crunch Fitness. The all-time top goal scorer in the Champions League will allow fans of various backgrounds to go through the same workout regimen he goes through with the launch of the new CR7 clubs. The first CR7 club will launch in the hometown of Real Madrid’s all-time leading scorer in Madrid, Spain (Crunch Franchise announces joint venture with International Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo). Currently, at the prime of his career playing for Real Madrid, reigning FIFA world player of the year will add yet another vast sponsorship to the lists of brands he already sponsors. This article will detail the new joint venture between Cristiano Ronaldo and Crunch Fitness while providing information about the history of Crunch Fitness and what it will mean for the brand.

Details of Partnership:

Beginning in early 2017, Crunch Gym’s will launch in Madrid Spain under Cristiano Ronaldo’s brand CR7. The venture between both prominent brands will combine Crunch Fitness’s “No Judgments” policy along with Ronaldo’s “Live Life Fit” attitude. The combination of both approaches towards fitness will reward Spanish Customers with a fitness experience like no other.

The CR7 Gyms will feature the latest equipment along with personal trainers and plenty of premium resources like large locker rooms and nutrition guidance. The abundance of features means that the CR7 Gyms will compete in the upper echelon of Spanish gyms and health facilities with hopes to expand locations later in the year. The new partnership has both parties are looking to capitalize on each other’s success in this venture. Ronaldo’s tremendous accomplishments on the soccer field along with Crunch Fitness’s excellent reputation across the United States will combine to provide the best fitness experience available beginning in Madrid, Spain in 2017.

What is Crunch Fitness?

Originally founded in 1989 in New York City (History and Philosophy Crunch Fitness), Crunch Fitness is focused on providing simple and accessible workouts to people from all walks of life. The core of Crunch Fitness’s philosophy resides in aiming to make exercise less of a chore and more fun and exciting. By offering various workouts combined with other traditional aspects of culture like Hip-Hop Aerobics and Cyked Yoga Cycling, Crunch fitness differentiated its business from competitors and grew from a niche appeal into numerous locations all around the United States

Another reason for Crunch’s widespread success has been a result of its no judgment policy. Trainers and members are instructed to provide a relaxing and fun atmosphere where body image concerns and looks of disapproval are nonexistent. This attitude towards no judgment has made more people comfortable in Crunch Gyms and the brand famous. Overall, Crunch Fitness has become a very successful business with over 650,000+ members and 150+ locations
due to its focus on providing its customers with the friendliest means to work out. This success has resulted in a lot of partnerships with various corporations and entities like CR7.


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