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Russell Westbrook Covers Bloomberg Pursuits, Talks Changing Men’s Fashion

Westbrook for Fashion Pres.

Written by Charlotte P in Athletes Fashion,NBA Style,Russell Westbrook on Nov 8th 2015


NBA star Russell Westbrook is leading the charge in the style revolution that is rocking the professional sports world.

Westbrook’s first foray into fashion occurred in 2012 when he started sporting his now iconic “nerd glasses.” He has created a name for himself in both the sports and fashion spheres by carefully curating bold and unique looks. A few that warrant mentioning are his Acid-washed jorts (that’s jean shorts for my older readers), a monochrome red suit, and of course, his elephant print jackets.

It’s important for me to get a different look that separates you from other people, so I’m always thinking about things like color, pattern, silhouette.” -Russell Westbrook

Westbrook isn’t selfish with his style expertise though. Far from it. He claims if you walk into his closet, you’ll see seven or eight different piles of clothing; each one catering to a friend and specifically tailored to their own fashion personas. Westbrook’s recent partnership with Barney’s to create his own line of high-couture clothing (Russell Westbrook XO), speaks to his passion for high fashion and elite men’s apparel.

“We all look to someone for style references,” says Tom Kalenderian, executive vice president at Barneys. “It’s athletes like Russ who are delivering that in the same way musicians and actors once did. They’re making and setting the trends, not just following them. The playing field is the new red carpet.”

Make no mistake, Westbrook’s innovation and ambition isn’t just visible on the red carpet or the court, he’s also an entrepreneur. Westbrook’s eyewear start up company, Westbrook frames, signed a deal with the NBA. The deal commissioned a high end line of frames that are specifically branded for different teams in the league. Westbrook has taken the fashion world by storm, and it’s safe to say he’s just getting started. Read full article at Bloomberg Pursuits

photos via Bloomberg pursuits/styled by Nic Screws

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