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Kobe Bryant’s ‘MUSE’ Documentary Premieres On Showtime Tonight

Will you be tuning in?

Written by Shirley J in Athletes Fashion,Kobe Bryant,News on Feb 28th 2015


Behind the Scene, Behind the Stats: Showtime premieres Kobe Bryant’s Muse documentary !

Jordan had Pippen. Lebron had D.Wade and Bosh. Durant and Westbrook have each other, and Kobe… well,  Kobe has Kobe. Call it the only child syndrome but NBA superstar Kobe Bryant has always been a bit of a loner.

Where he excels in talent, some say he lacks in true team work. In his Showtime documentary, directed by Gotham Chopra–Kobe Bryant’s Muse, Bryant appears Aloneeeee (is there an echo in here?).  He decides to narrate for about 90 minutes about his genesis and the key moments in his life- the good, the bad, and a little bit of the ugly. The muses, in which he speaks of, aren’t necessarily all connected to basketball. “If you’re the greatest carpenter in the world, I want to know why,” he says in the documentary. To him, anything or anyone can be an inspiration.

There’s a clip in the documentary where he’s shown in rehab after his Achilles’ tendon surgery. At the time of surgery, in 2013, there were speculations that this grave injury would mark the end of his career, but Kobe was able to bounce back. One can beg the question: what is truly Kobe’s Achilles heel? In other words, what are the weaknesses of the man with 5 championship rings and who once dominated the league? Tune in to see if he reveals that much of himself. The documentary will air on Showtime on Saturday, February 28th, at 9pm.
The documentary premiered at London West Hollywood hotel on Thursday, with some of Kobe’s friends and teammates in attendance. Kobe Bryant appeared on the red carpet with his wife, Vanessa Bryant, at his side. He kept it simple but looked very dapper in his all black suit. Even with his impending exit from basketball, is Kobe still one of your style muses?

photos via Twitter/@SHo_PR

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