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Spalding’s Global Marketing VP Kenyatta Bynoe Talks Sports Culture & Fashion


Written by Jrich in NBA Style on Mar 30th 2018

Spalding, the official basketball of the NBA is more than just an equipment supplier. It’s a renowned brand, that’s become synonymous with basketball culture.

Spalding plans to continue bringing awareness to their brand off the court by being innovative in the culture and lifestyle space.

Spearheading this movement is Spalding’s VP Of Global Marketing And Partnerships, Kenyatta Bynoe.

We had the opportunity to speak with Kenyatta about her role at Spalding, the brand’s plans to remain culturally relevant and more.

Check out our Q&A below:

MTS: Can you highlight your key duties at Spalding?

KB: As VP of Global Marketing & Partnerships at Spalding, I oversee our consumer-facing brand communications with a goal of building a community of loyal brand enthusiasts that we call “True Believers.” My role includes leading key partnerships, such as the NBA and ambassadors including NBA superstars Chris Paul, DeMar DeRozan, and Damian Lillard, as well as all creative, media, digital, social experiential and public relations strategies.

MTS: Spalding wants to continue to be connected to basketball culture. What is the brand’s plan to do so?

KB: We understand the key role culture plays in advancing the agenda of a brand in today’s fast-moving world, as well as how critical it is for us as a company to remain culturally relevant. To us, basketball is far more than just sport – it is a lifestyle, which is why we plan to continue to pursue cross-vertical collaborations that allow us to connect with influential fans of the game. Our latest collaboration with sportswear brand Just Don was spotlighted at our NBA All-Star 2018 Spalding Backcourt activation by designer, basketball style trendsetter and founder Don C. who made a cameo appearance.

Appearance by @chicagodonc at #SpaldingBackcourt 🔥#NBAAllStar2018 #TrueBelievers

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MTS: Can you elaborate on Spalding’s recent collaboration opportunities with fashion brands like Just Don, Supreme, Undefeated, and John Elliott? Are collaborations something we will see more of from Spalding?

KB: We’ve seen great success from our partnerships with lifestyle-focused brands as it allows us to break through the clutter, showcase our creativity and further cultivate our relationship with the passionate global basketball community. We will soon be launching the Spalding 94 Series which will feature an ongoing collection of limited edition, collaborative basketballs available via


MTS: Spalding held an excellent panel during NBA All-Star Weekend on basketball culture. Fashion was a big focus of the conversation. How essential do you feel fashion is to basketball culture? And how essential is it for the Spalding brand to incorporate fashion into it’s marketing strategy?

KB: Fashion and culture go hand and hand with basketball; I anticipate fashion, music, and art will continue to play a leading role in Spalding’s future collaborations and partnerships. Most recently we had an incredible experience hosting a panel discussion at our NBA All-Star 2018 Spalding Backcourt in Los Angeles, entitled, ‘The Convergence of Basketball X Culture. The panel was live streamed via Spalding’s social channels and strategic partner Hypebeast, celebrating the intersection of culture within basketball’s global community. The content delivered strong digital and social engagement thanks to the informative and lively discussion lead by moderator Terrence J and panelists Courtney Mays (NBA Wardrobe Stylist), Adam Figman (Head of Content & Editor-in-Cheif at SLAM), Lenny S (SVP, Roc Nation) and of course, Houston Rockets Guard and Spalding endorser, Chris Paul.


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