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We're gifting a few pairs of Stance!

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Giveaways on Jun 17th 2014
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When it comes to cool socks..We highly recommend STANCE.


Courtesy of STANCE we’re gifting a few pairs of premium socks!

Follow these two simple rules to enter:

1) Comment on this post letting us know.. What makes Stance Socks cool to you? (Be creative with your answer.)

2) Follow and Tweet the following… Just entered @Morethanstats21 x @Stancesocks Giveaway

GOOD LUCK!! *The winner will be announced 6/23/14*

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  1. Logan says:

    Stance Socks are cool to me because they let me show off my style without spending ridiculous amounts of money. I like to wear clothes with crazy designs on them, but the majority of the time, they are too expensive for me to afford. Stance socks are sick because they have so many different options and styles.

  2. Ethan says:

    They have the best designs at the best prices, plus they have dope looking basketball socks too. Last but not least the ladies like them!

  3. Jacqueline Perez says:

    Stance Socks are the best looking as well as functional socks out to date. Period.

  4. Ben Shiffer says:

    Stance socks are the best excuse they look good and are comfortable. The wide selection of varieties combined with the extremely modest pricing makes Stance the only socks I wear

  5. Jason Kesler says:

    Stance socks are awesome to me since they are comfortable, come in many different varieties so you can show your sock game in different, cool, and attractive ways, and are cheap. I have a couple pairs of stance socks. Not only were they cheap, they don’t have holes in them, and they are BY FAR the most comfortable socks I wear. I can only hope for my stance sock game to grow stronger if I win this contest! Go stance!

  6. Greg Biggs says:

    Stance NBA socks are fresh because that’s all I’ve worn for the past 6 months. Literally. Leisure, work, church, court, out on the yard, you name it. Got 16 pairs right now. Could use a few more. 😉

  7. Matthew Bergeson says:

    I love stance socks because its much better to have socks that have color and show your personality rather than plain socks. Also stance socks mix match socks make not maching ok and look great!

  8. Andrew Hill says:

    The era of cool socks is here. I love what stance socks has to offer, the styles are insanely cool and eye-poppingly orgasmic. I want every single pair! I currently a few NBA player pairs and wear them to the office all the time – always makes for a good laugh and compliment by other workers. I absolutely love stance socks.

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