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STEFON DIGGS Is The NFL’s New Ambassador of Style


Written by Bailey Webster in Athletes Fashion,NFL Style on Sep 26th 2017

Stefon Diggs is the NFL’s new ambassador of style.

We spoke to the fashion-forward 23-year-old about his new role as an ambassador for the NFL’s “Men’s Lifestyle Campaign.”

Joining Diggs for this project is NY Giants WR Sterling Shepard. The two young stars will showcase pieces from the NFL apparel collection throughout the season while adding a little flair of their own.


The goal of this campaign is to illustrate how these NFL athletes are not only superb at their day jobs, but are also identified as “fashion influencers” off the field. Especially Diggs, who has become well-recognized for his keen fashion sense since joining the league in 2015. He creates his own lane..and people follow.

Check out our conversation with Stefon below as we discussed the current campaign and his style.

MTS: What are your thoughts on becoming a NFL Lifestyle Ambassador?

Diggs: I’m extremely excited. It’s a blessing to get this opportunity, just being a part of something special. I get to influence a lot of people and give people that confidence that you can rep your squad on Sundays, and you can wear it casually during the week. It’s just an everyday thing of wearing your team whenever you want to, and just having the confidence of wearing it. So I’m pretty excited.

MTS: Did you always have confidence in what you wore, have you always viewed yourself as a fashion influencer?

Diggs: Yea, if I throw it on then I’m 100% confident that’s what I wanted to wear (laughs). That’s how I felt that day, and I don’t care who felt some way about it or what they thought about it. Confidence, I feel, comes from within. I wear my team with pride, and I want everybody else to wear their team with pride. If you got your favorite team’s stuff on, you want to be prideful in what you’re wearing.

MTS: Since you’ve joined the NFL, you’ve become one of the most stylish players in the league. What does that mean to you?

Diggs: It means a lot. As far as having individually, and bringing what you want to bring to the table – wearing what you want, wearing what makes you happy. Not really caring how everybody else feels about it. Sometimes it is outside the norm, not what somebody would typically do on their every day. It’s another way of expressing yourself.

Envy and jealousy is everything I wish upon my enemies…

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MTS: What are some of your favorite pieces from the latest NFL apparel collection?

Diggs: Well from the photoshoot that I had, I liked pretty much everything. Especially, my team, I liked my team stuff a lot. But probably from the collection, my favorite piece would be the Levi’s Western Button-down. I’ve never worn anything like it, so having something new and sporting that had me excited.

MTS: The [Levis] denim jacket looked good too, there’s a lot of good stuff in the collection.

Diggs: Yea. Like you don’t expect to see a denim jacket with your team on it. Especially something that you could wear just casually. You can go out and wear something like that too.

MTS: Are you going to get some of your family to sport the NFL apparel collection when they go to your games?

Diggs: Oh they don’t have a choice (laughs). If you want to represent me, hopefully, they’ll have some good stuff on.

MTS: What are two fall fashion tips that you would give to guys looking to improve their fall style? What’s hot right now that you would recommend?

Diggs: Seeing that it’s all coming around, fall colors are always good. Not necessarily saying stay away from black, because everybody likes black. But the olive greens, burgundies.I kind of like to mix & match. Umm ..I can’t tell you how to dress. You have to wear what you want at the end of the day. But if I had to say anything, it would be a bomber of some sort or a denim jacket (like the one that I wore). You’ll like that a lot, especially because it’s fall coming around. When the leaves start falling you can start dressing pretty nice.

MTS: Is there a certain brand that you’re really into right now?

Diggs: Not right now. I’ve been jumping around all season..and I missed out on fashion week, trying to focus on football right now. So I kind of had to shift my focus a little bit, but I’ll be back on it pretty soon.

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