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STYLE: Lebron James Is Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson Of The Year 2016


Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,NBA Style on Dec 12th 2016

According to Sports Illustrated, choosing the 2016 Sportsperson Of The Year was a difficult decision to make because of the many accomplishments sports have made this year.

But when it came down to it, LeBron James was the winner and we couldn’t agree more.

He is not only an immensely talented athlete, James has used his “fame” to talk about the topics that matter. Choosing to discuss subjects like racial tension, politics, and the struggles of inner-city youth make him an advocate for change—an ideal candidate for Sportsperson of the year.

James not only pushes himself to win because of the rings, he also works hard to make his hometown proud. His ability to inspire change in the community is incredible. James truly knows how to his platform to make a difference in adults and children alike.

We could, and have, talked about what an outstanding athlete James is. But this Sportsperson honor—which is James’ second—is more than just making baskets. It’s about being a leader of change and inspiring others to be outstanding as well. And the Cleveland Cavalier definitely does that. For the magazine’s cover, Lebron James’ style was on display for the cover shoot. Lebron wore a cream turtleneck and jacket, paired with a safety pin on his right lapel.

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