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STYLE: Lebron James’ Versus Versace Print Sweatshirt Vs. Russell Westbrook’s Zebra Print Jacket

It’s crazy how big prints have gotten for men these past few years, men aren’t as reluctant as they were in the past to experiment with eccentric print patterns that designers have been releasing. It’s become more of the trend now to roc a loud print top.  Check out these funky print tops NBA stars Lebron James and Russell Westbrook wore for their recent games. Whose look caught your eye?


King James arrived in Brooklyn last week to play the Nets in a $306 Versus Versace Geometric-print sweatshirt he paired with black leather pants. I thought this sweatshirt was cool, the black & white hues keeps the top somewhat subtle. This is a perfect sweatshirt for those who want to start wearing heavy print, but don’t want anything too vibrant, go with black and white!

$306 Versus Versace Geometric-print sweatshirt


He’s Back!! Russell Westbrook made his season debut this week (out due to injury) turning heads in his loud zebra-print jacket. This is vintage Westbrook right here, glad to have you back “Fashion King”. Russell-Westbrook-Zebra-print-shirt-jacket



photo via balloverall(westbrook)

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