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STYLE: NBA 2013-2014 Season Opener

Written by Naz Perez in Athletes Fashion,Gucci,Lanvin,NBA Style on Oct 30th 2013


 Talk about an opening night.

Miami v. Chicago: Derrick Rose coming back after sitting out for A YEAR. The defending champion Miami Heat in a pre-game ceremony receiving their rings, and raising their third championship banner.

Los Angeles v. Los Angeles: Ladies and Gentlemen, Doc Rivers is now coaching on the west coast. JJ Redick is on the Clippers now. The Kobe-less (first season opener Kobe has missed since 2006) Los Angeles Lakers stun The Los Angeles Clippers (and Bill Simmons) and probably half of the world in a surprising 116-103 victory that the Lakers BENCH fueled in the 4th quarter! It was like Christmas.

Indiana Pacers v. Orlando Magics: Pacers were all business with a 97-87 win, led by Paul George 24 pts. Pacers are looking to make another strong run in the East.

Okay, let’s get to the sideline styles.

The Clippers ball game may have been a little off, but their fashion game was on-point. They were easily the best looking team of opening night.

Here’s why:

Chris Paul wore a grey Addison Atelier ensemble while simultaneously making turtle necks look good (hard thing to pull off, for bad example See: Arian Foster two weeks ago. What were you thinking Ari?) Photo Cred: @notasocialite

Matt Barnes sporting the perfect fall game day look in a $1177 Lanvin mesh sweater #dope Photo Cred: @brandwills


DeAndre Jordan takes home best-dressed of the night in Paige Geran, Antos, Gucci, & Oliver Peoples frames to bring it all together. #dapper Photo Cred: @mspaigexo


The kid Paul George (Indiana Pacers) was certainly “feeling himself” dressed in a slim-fit black suit he added a  pop of color to with a necktie, and pocket square.


Michael Beasley is back with the Miami Heat, that means you got to win games, and have style! Beasley didn’t disappoint for his season debut, he looked suave. Check out the rolled-up denims, I’m thinking Dwyane Wade styled him.


Keep calm sports fans and fashionistos, the NBA is back. Originally posted at:

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