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STYLE: NBA J.J. Redick Talks Watches With The Hollywood Reporter Magazine

A man's watch collection is essential

Written by Lucas Vaz in Athletes Fashion,NBA Style on Nov 29th 2014

Many people say that time is money, and J.J. Reddick probably agrees.

The former Duke legend and current L.A. Clippers shooting guard was recently featured in Hollywood Reporter Magazine for one reason— his impressive timepiece collection.

While many professional athletes are known to sport outlandish jewelry, Redick keeps his collection low key. In his interview with Hollywood Reporter, the Virginia native takes us through his first watch purchase- a Rolex Datejust, the day before he was drafted by the Orlando Magic almost a decade ago.

“My eye went straight for the classier, dressier look,” Redick says of the watch, which measures at 36mm, smaller than more well-known and expensive Rolexes, such as the iconic Submariner.

“I’ve kind of been known now as a watch guy in the NBA,” says Redick. “I like watches with a classic look.”

Some guys collect shoes, others are crazy about cars. Redick is obsessed with watches, for lack of a better term. “Sure, it’s an obsession,” he says. My outlet is expensive, but at least it’s healthy.”

At the moment Redick says he has 14 watches, 8 of which rest comfortably in a monogrammed Louis Vuitton watch case, given to him as an anniversary present by his wife, Chelsea.
Redick’s elegant Louis Vuitton watch case, and watches.

J.J. and Chelsea welcomed their first son, Knox into the world this August. Redick has already started Knox’ watch collection for him, buying a Rolex with a special message inscribed. However, the younger Redick won’t receive the watch until he turns 18.

Both of Redick’s parents were potters, which may have had an influence on J.J. “My parents had this great appreciation for art, and they made beautiful things with their hands,” he says. “For me, a watch is a piece of art.”
Redick’s preferred timepieces.
photos via Hollywood Reporter

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