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STYLE: NBA Thabo Sefolosha Talks ATTOM ATL Luxury Men’s Store Opening, Fashion Trends And More


Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Interviews,NBA Style on Dec 1st 2016

Swiss-born NBA star Thabo Sefolosha is fulfilling his off-court dreams of having his own Men’s fashion shop.

Thabo and his partner Zola Davis recently unveiled their luxury menswear boutique dubbed ATTOM here in the United States. The duo recently held a star-studded, red carpet event to officially open the doors to their first U.S. shop in Atlanta, where Thabo currently plays as a guard/forward for the Atlanta Hawks.

ATTOM, a high-end menswear concept shop carries a range of high-end men’s apparel from brands like Balenciaga, OFF-White Co Virgil Abloh, and Kenzo. You’ll also come across rare pieces that can’t be found anywhere else in the ATL.

We had the chance to speak to Thabo about the ATTOM brand, business of fashion, current trends, and much more. View below.

MTS:You just unveiled your new concept store ATTOM in Atlanta, can you tell us about the shop?

TS: My partner in ATTOM is Zola Dias, a Swiss guy who’s been in fashion and retail for more than 10 years now, and has open three stores already in Switzerland with the same concept: High Fashion and Men’s Fashion. We go to the fashion shows in Paris and Milan, check out the brands and pick out the clothes we would like to have at our store.

MTS: What inspired you to jump into the fashion business?

TS: Well, First of all, I always liked fashion and love to shop. Once I and my partner met he started talking about what he was doing in the fashion world, and I was really interested in the business side of that. It made sense for us to bring a store to Atlanta, so we decided to partner up and open a store together. It made sense for us to bring a store to the U.S. Secondly, Atlanta in particular made sense, because of the market, what people were wearing. We just decided it was good timing and a good place to run the business.

MTS: When shoppers visit ATTOM, what can they expect?

TS: The brands speak for itself, most of the people who come into the store will know 70-80% of the brands that we carry. On top of that, we have some up-and-coming brands and designers you might not know but are doing some great things. We have an eye that’s a little bit different and will have some pieces that are out of the norm, but overall we’ll have pieces for everybody.

MTS: Can you give us one brand or designer pieces that you would like to bring to ATTOM?

TS: One of the brands we’re looking at is Maison Valentino, we really like what they do. They’re definitely one of them. And for shoes, at some point, we’d like to bring in Christian Louboutin.

MTS: Is there a current fashion trend you’re into at the moment?

TS: That’s a great question, I think with fashion the beauty of it is that you can really mix-and-match. You can mix-and-match colors and trends. One thing that I like is African Motifs; a lot of people wear patterns with African fabric. I also like the long tees and shirts as well as layering pieces.

MTS: What is the goal for ATTOM?

TS: The goal is to be in business for a very long time and to please our customers. We’ve been happy with that, everyone who comes through the doors are people who are coming back for a second or third time. People who come into ATTOM feel welcomed and find the pieces they are looking for at a great price. We want to keep bringing good products to Atlanta and keep catering to the city’s needs as far as fashion.

MTS: Are we going to see more ATTOM shops open up here in the U.S.?

TS: Hopefully. Right now we’re really busy and focused on the store we opened. Eventually, we’d like to open a shop in Miami, we’ve had our eyes on Miami as a possible destination. But right now, we’re trying to grow the business. I would love to see NBA & NFL players who come into the city (Atlanta) stop by and visit ATTOM.



photos via ATL Pics

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