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STYLE: NBA Tyson Chandler And Wife Design Sunglasses Collection With Selima Optique

Chandler x Selima Optique

Written by Shirley J in Athletes Fashion,NBA Style,News on Mar 26th 2015

Dallas Mavericks Tyson Chandler and Wife Kimberly Chandler Design Sunglasses With Selima Optique!

Tyson Chandler, 32, knows all about teamwork. The 7’1″ California native plays center for NBA team Dallas Maverick . Off the court, he’s part of another type of unit, a more fashionable one, that includes his wife Kimberly and their three children.

The Chandlers, along with Kimberly’s brother, Browne Andrews, have designed a collection of sunglasses in collaboration with Selima Optique. The husband and wife duo have their personal pairs of sunglasses from the collection and have replicated similar styles for their children.

While this might sound like a family affair, the Chandlers are giving you permission to crash the party by getting your own personal sunglasses at Are you guys gamed for getting your own pair of sunglasses from this new collection?

photos via Bloomberg/Vogue

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