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Tom Brady Tops NFL Best Dressed List

T.B. #1

Written by Charlotte P in Athletes Fashion,NFL Style on Jan 11th 2016

TB12 appears on a list of the most stylish players of the year as chosen by Ike Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew in their “Fashion Po-Po” segment.

Source: Tom Brady makes NFL’s best dressed of 2015


Tom Brady of the New England Patriots recently made the top 10 Best Dressed list for the entire NFL. His recent rise in fashion ranking was discussed on Ike Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew’s fashion segment, “Fashion Po Po.” Jones-Drew elaborated on Brady’s aesthetic: “When you look at Tom Brady, when you look in his eyes, do you not hear soft music?” Clearly Brady’s sleek and smooth style is a full sensory experience, effecting not only sight, but hearing as well.

Cam Newton and Ben Roethlisberger are keeping Brady company on the top 10 list, to no one’s surprise. Brady most likely secured his spot among the NFL fashion elite after debuting a timeless gray suit after claiming victory over the Texans on December 13th. This classic look was made bold and elegant with the addition of a stark black turtleneck and a bright white pocket square. These separate pieces combined to form an outfit that can only be described as a mixture of Don Draper and Don Corleone.

2015 was a big year for Tom Brady, both athletically and in his explosion onto the men’s fashion scene. Patriots fans and style guru’s can only wait with bated breath to see what Brady will bring to the table in 2016.

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