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Victor Cruz Debuts Collab With 3X1 Denim In NYC.

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Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,NFL Style on Nov 9th 2015


NFL star Victor Cruz, recently debuted his collaboration with 3X1 Denim brand at their NYC store location in the Soho. The five piece collection consist of: a wool overcoat, two denim shirts and two jeans. During the unveiling Victor let us know that his favorite piece from the collection was the $1,325 Indigo Wool Overcoat.

Drawing inspiration from the streets of Tokyo, seeing baby overalls with patches and nonstop distress clothing, Cruz incorporated that into this collection. He even drew inspiration from his late father, Mike Walker, a fireman.

“The patches on the denim jacket were inspired by my dad. So you’ll see a fireman’s shield on there. It kind of looks like something a fireman would wear if his uniform were denim.” Cruz said, according to Esquire.

His collaboration with 3X1 is more than a collection and he hopes the personal elements is seen through it. With his style, It’s no surprise that Cruz has a sense of fashion, but why get into the industry now? According to Esquire, Cruz has been approached before, but nothing ever really matched exactly what he wanted to do. “Nothing ever felt right up until 3×1.”


photos via Mike Law

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