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VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Visits Jimmy Kimmel Live, Reacts to Lakers Postgame Celebration

Kobe wasn't too pleased.

Written by Shirley J in Athletes Fashion,Kobe Bryant,NBA Style on Feb 24th 2015


Throughout a professional athlete’s career, he cashes a lot of checks. One check he probably wishes would bounce every now and then, is a reality check. While style is infinite, a professional athlete’s shelf life is limited. Due to past injuries and aging bones, don’t expect to find NBA players lasting in the league well into their late 30’s. Hey, it’s just the nature of the business and the game. Knowing all of this, when does one say to himself it’s time to hang up his jersey?

LA Lakers’ superstar Kobe Bryant, 36, may be having a tough season or two, but according to him, don’t count him out just yet. He recently sat down with late night T.V. host Jimmy Kimmel and talked about everything from rumors of his retirement, the movie Whiplash to his team’s upsetting losing streak. Kobe, who’s not a stranger to the late night program, was a bit mute after he saw video footage of some of his teammates horse playing around during a post game interview with point guard Jeremy Lin. In Bryant’s absence, the Lakers won against the Boston Celtics, breaking an eight game losing streak. Hold the confetti.. you won’t hear “attaboys” from Bryant whose body language said it all.. he didn’t appear too impressed by their win.



For his late night appearance, Kobe wore a two tone suit–black blazer, grey pants, white shirt, black tie and a white handkerchief in his left breast pocket.

Great style has never been a problem for Bryant, who is currently featured on the cover of GQ magazine’s March edition. So win or lose, Bryant’s swag remains as venomous as his moniker, the black mamba.
Photo via Huffingtonpost

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