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Why Men Should Use Dove Men+Care Body & Face Wash For Skin Care.

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion on May 20th 2019

Fellas, with summer around the corner, it’s very important to take care of your body and preserve your skin!

To get that skin care regimen started we’d advise you to try out Dove Men+Care Body and Face Washes which is specially designed to both cleanse and hydrate – pulling #DoubleDuty for your body.

The 2-in-1 wash features MICROMOISTURE technology, which activates on the skin during lather for healthier, stronger skin. You can find the wash in a variety of styles like, “Extra Fresh,” “Deep Clean,” and “Clean Comfort.”

We had the opportunity to speak to Dove Men+Care’s dermatologist and men’s skincare expert Dr. Terrence Keaney who elaborated on why men need products specifically formulated for them.

Check out our conversation below:

MTS: How essential is it for men to use products that are formulated for them?

Dr. Keaney: It’s very important for men to use products that formulated for them as men’s skin is more oily and hairier compared to women. Additionally, men’s skin develops different bacteria due to their unique microbiomes. Additionally, men’s specific products like Dove Men+Care are tailored to men’s skin in order to manage their pH levels.

How many times a day should a man look to hydrate his skin, especially his face?

Dr. Keaney: I would recommend washing with Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash twice a day. If you’re more active (i.e. exercise often), I’d recommend introducing a third wash, but be careful of over-cleansing as this can strip the skin of good oils. Over a longer period of time, the skin can experience negative effects from over-washing, but Dove Men+Care is formulated with ingredients to prevent that from happening. Even with this in mind, I would recommend cleansing only twice a day, which I say to 90 – 95% of my patients.

If you’re going to cleanse in the morning, consider doing prior to shaving. When you cleanse, sometimes the skin cells and oil can trap the beard hair against the skin’s surface, which can lead to irritation and knicks when shaving. When you cleanse, you help the hair stand up straight, so you have an easier shave and the hair is less brittle.

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